How to come across well on TV and radio 

How you appear on TV or radio can go a long way towards protecting your organisation’s reputation. If you come across poorly, it can be damaging; appear confident and convincing and you might be a long way towards winning the PR battle.

We design each course to meet the needs of the organisation we are working with. No two courses are ever the same. We focus on developing the key messages relevant to you and tailor the exercises to make them as realistic as possible.

You will learn how to appear confident, credible and articulate if you are asked to appear on screen or on the radio and you will have several opportunities to practice those skills during the day.

The course is suitable for anyone up to chief executive level and is for those who are both already experienced in representing their organisation and want to improve their performance and those being required to do it for the first time.

You will learn about the importance of key messaging, how to handle awkward questions and how to keep control of the interview. We will also show you techniques to control any nerves and how to ensure you look good and sound good too.

Our trainers are broadcast professionals with extensive experience presenting for both the BBC and Channel Four. They also have extensive experience in public relations, so they understand what it is like to be on both sides of the camera.

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