A more effective solution to your training needs

Engage Media Training has its roots in training the best journalists in the UK. Its managing director, Tony Johnston, has more than 20 years' experience in working with clients across the world to meet their journalism, content and digital training needs.

He has seen how the demand for these skills has changed fundamentally over the past five years as more and more companies, charities, NGOs and PR agencies need to learn to think and act like journalists.

He has also seen a lot of organisations waste their investment in learning and development by expecting to see a fundamental change in behaviours and skills through spending just a few hours in the classroom.

It takes in the region of 300 hours to train a journalist and typically around 30 hours just to teach them to write content effectively. So just a single intervention in a six-hour workshop, while helpful, probably isn't enough.

Engage Media Training aims to offer a much more blended learning experience, building on the importance of the classroom learning through both pre and post course interventions. 

Your delegates will benefit greatly from the additional support we can provide and it need not take them away from their desk. To learn more about what we do and how we do it, contact us.

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