How to come across well on TV and radio

How you appear on TV or radio can go a long way towards protecting your organisation’s reputation. If you come across poorly, it can be damaging. 

Through the training we deliver, you can learn how to come across confidently to all your stakeholders ensuring your key messages really have the impact you desire.

We will help you refine those key messages and understand why they matter so much. You will learn how to ensure they are delivered whatever the questions you are asked and to manage difficult questions.

The course is ideal for a wide variety of communicators, whether you are a professional spokesperson or PR officer, a leader in a company, charity or organisation seeking to get more publicity through the media or someone who might find yourself in the public eye.

You will learn about the importance of key messaging, how to handle awkward questions and how to keep control of the interview. We will also show you techniques to control any nerves and how to ensure you look good and sound good too.

Our trainers are broadcast-journalism professionals with extensive experience presenting for both the BBC and Channel Four. They also have extensive experience in public relations, so they understand what it is like to be on both sides of the camera.

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