A great solution to your media law training needs 

The UK has some of the toughest restrictions on what you can publish in the world. Staying up to date with what you can and cannot say legally has always been something that traditional publishers have had to focus on.
Many newspapers and broadcasters employ full time lawyers to check their material prior to it being published. Today, the number of businesses and individuals who are publishers has exploded. Anyone uploading content to a website, contributing to social media or producing industry white papers is, in effect, a publisher and is exposed to the same laws as traditional news media. Damages and fines for getting things wrong can be large and you can even end up in prison for the worst breaches of statutory offences.
So you need to know the details of libel, copyright, restrictions about discussing things that are happening in court as well as complex areas around privacy and confidentiality. And there are others too.
It really is a legal minefield. Our new online training programme can help you stay on the right side of the law. (*Applicable to England and Wales.)

The approach

In our experience, people require knowledge and skills to be delivered with more learning value, but with less learning time needed. To have a lasting impact, learning has to include content of high quality, of shorter duration, with sharper focus and delivered with greater flexibility and in smarter ways. So, we have pleasure in announcing our micro-learning online course content, Introduction to Media Law.
This learning course is part of the highly successful and award winning pearls of wisdom® product series, incorporating rich content distilled from the expertise of subject matter experts and leading practitioners. The content delivers the knowledge and information people require, at their point of need.

The Training

Our online training includes several highly relevant animated video modules, each incorporating a clear introduction to a key aspect of media law that can affect anyone publishing in the UK.
They cover areas such as libel, contempt, reporting the courts, sexual offences, children, privacy and confidentiality and copyright.
These short, sharp insights are suitable for and will be of interest to those with little or no experience in this field, but who need to be aware of and have knowledge of the law and the risks. This awareness should better enable you to take specific legal advice on your pre-published content, as and when necessary.

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