Finding stories to drive better coverage

Course outline

There is a lot of talk about why storytelling matters. A huge amount of information is published every minute but very little of it sticks. Most of it passes us by. What tends to have the most impact are stories. They have a much better chance of being shared and discussed. This course helps identify what makes a good story.

Is this the right course for me?

It's the ideal course for anyone wanting their PR to have more impact. Journalists have always been trained in how to identify stories. Now our trainers are passing on those tricks of the trade to a much broader audience.

What you will learn 

It is crucial you understand how the news agenda works, what is likely to get spotted and who in the newsroom actually decides what is published and what isn't.

Often, the focus is on people stories, but why is that and how do you turn stories that might be dull into interesting content?

You will learn how to spot stories that are all around you within your organisation; how then to construct those stories; what essential information you need to include and what additional content might increase your chances of success.

Then, once you have the story, how do you write it effectively and then, how do you pitch it?

By the end of this course, you will be much better placed to achieve success with your PR.

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