The essentials of press release writing 

Course outline

Newsdesks get hundreds of press releases every day. How do you improve the chance of your release being the one that is picked up? This course will guide you to the right answers.

Is this the right course for me?

This course is for anyone who has responsibility for releasing information to the media in the written form. You don't have to be working full-time in PR to benefit from the lessons learned.

What you will learn

This intensive day of practical training will ensure you understand all aspects of the process of producing effective press releases.

Particular attention is spent on how to identify the most newsworthy angle to your story.

It is crucial you engage the news editor reading it through a good headline and intro, but it is also about making sure all the essential information is there too so there are lots of tips on good writing techniques.

Increasingly the decision to publish may hang on the additional material you provide as well, such as a good picture or captivating piece of video.

You will come away from the course much better equipped to have a chance of getting your story covered.

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