Course outline

Copy containing errors in it reflects badly on any organisation, but proof-reading is a lot more than looking out for typographical mistakes. This course teaches you how to pick up errors so you don’t lose credibility with your readers.

Is this the right course for me?

This course is aimed at anyone who is asked to read through and check written material, whether in print or online. It doesn’t matter if you produce websites, letters, emails, magazine pages, annual reports, sales copy or research documents, you will benefit from the skills being taught.

What you will learn 

Making your copy clean when it appears in print or online is crucial. But there is more to proof-reading than just checking for literals. A good editor will also know how to spot common errors such as misuse of punctuation, words used incorrectly, and poor spelling.

You will also learn techniques for knowing when and how to cut unnecessary adjectives and words that don't add anything to your copy.

By attending this course you will gain confidence in your writing whether it is for the web, a company report, a blog or a marketing newsletter.